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Sheridan Invest

This service is designed for those clients who want to make the money they have earned, work for them. This is about taking those hard earned profits and making them into a secure future for you. It is for those who want to be more involved and aware of their financial position and not leave it to chance. You haven't done it with your business so why do it with your hard earned profits. Being more involved in your money and tracking its current performance considerably enhances your wealth.

We work closely with you to build a long term relationship, giving you the advantage of linking with our experience, knowledge and contacts to enhance your business and wealth.

We have sought out and found some of the most highly respected people in there fields of expertise to provide you with a first class service.

It is important that you have regular periodic meetings to review your progress against your plan and revising your actions accordingly. When combined with our pre year end tax review you will be able to maximise your profits and minimise your tax liability. You can choose from a portfolio of products and tailor a service that is suited to you and will considerably enhance your Wealth.

The Sheridan Invest includes these key benefits:

  1. Access to your Wealth Manager
  2. Periodic meetings
  3. Periodic Newsletter by email or post
  4. Wealth Management Review

Plus your choice from the following to meet your individual needs:

  1. General Tax Planning
  2. Business Tax Strategies
  3. Financial Protection Against Risk
    1. General Insurance
    2. Employee Benefits
    3. Long-Term Care
    4. Health Insurance
    5. Life Assurance
  4. Managing Cash & Borrowings
    1. Commercial Borrowings
    2. Mortgages
    3. Current Accounts
    4. Deposit Documents
  5. Building & Preserving Capital
    1. Portfolio Management
    2. Investments
    3. Pensions
    4. Trust & Estate Planning
    5. Succession Planning
  6. Aspirations
  7. Reality

If you would like to gain the benefit of Sheridan Invest and considerably enhance your wealth -

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