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Innovation - Research & Development

What is R&D Tax Credit?

Anywhere there is innovation it is worth checking, to see if you could make an Research and Development claim. You may be able to benefit from R&D Tax Relief!

At Sheridan we are passionate about innovation and have helped serval clients to secure valuable tax relief on their research and development projects.

R&D Tax Relief enables companies to either reclaim tax paid, reduce tax paid, or in the case of loss-making companies to surrender losses for tax credits. That means you can get cash back!

What can we do for you?…

  1. Help to identify the eligibility of your research & development project
  2. Look at how much of your research and development expenditure will qualify
  3. Sort out your claims process
  4. Advise you on how to maximise your claim
  5. Prepare and file the claim

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